Have You Got What it Takes to Be a Navy SEAL?

Have you ever wondered what it would take to become a Navy SEAL? Think you you got the right stuff?

At Zeagle, we aspire to have the confidence to take on any mission or dive. But chances are, SEAL training would crush you—just like it does most candidates.

Far removed from the images of teams rappelling into hot zones, SEAL training is designed to break recruits mentally.

Over the years, countless trainees—incredibly strong physically—have succumbed to the training’s psychological punishment long before their bodies give up. But how do you get started and prepare for success?

According to SEAL Command Master Chief Stephen Bass, water competency is a top skill for all Navy SEALs.

If you’re not good in the water, you probably need not apply. But Bass also says that “it does not matter what your swimming proficiency is when you get [to SEAL training], whether you’ve never seen the ocean, or you’re an olympic swimmer.”

Bass suggests that for those that want to become a Navy SEAL, the best thing you can do is to prepare first for the physical screening test, not for Basic Underwater Demolition Seal training (BUD/S).

“Take it one step at a time,” he stresses. “We take a progressive approach to water competency. We build up the student confidence and comfort in the water as training increases in complexity. It’s a carefully planned crawl, walk, run curriculum.”

For a full run-down on the ins-and-outs of SEAL training, watch the video below to determine if you’ve got the mental and physical fortitude to tackle this elite training program.


Editor’s Note: Even if you’re not up to tackling an elite military training program, you can still take on missions that are beyond the norm. Zeagle’s Berry-compliant BCDs are Made in America and support hardworking folks on US soil. From our legendary Ranger BC, to the best-in-class women’s Zena, to our trusty line of regulators, Zeagle can help you accomplish any objective. 

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